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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in India | البلاستيك ومستحضرات التجميل

India is the home land of plastic and cosmetic surgery from ancient times itself. Cosmetic surgeries are gaining importance now a days as a result of obesity and its consequences . We can arrange treatment with best surgeons in India to produce the desired results in function as well as cosmesis. India has become a major destination for medical tourism and travel due to the availability of acceptable plastic surgery at affordable cost.

Fascilities available are

1. Liposuction - is useful in tummy reduction , reducing breast size ( gynaeco mastia) in males.
Different techniques are -
  • Power assisted liposuction
  • Laser assisted liposuction
  • Ultrasound assisted liposuction

2. Tummy tuck ( abdominoplasty )
3. Breast augmentation is useful
  • To increase size of breast
  • To improve shape and symmetry
  • Following mastectomy of breast cancer

4. Face lift
  • Can make you look younger

5. Rhinoplasty of nose
  • To improve appearance of nose
  • To improve breathing
  • To correct birth deformity

6. Plastic surgery
  • Hair transplant
  • Treatment of skin patches
  • Forehead lifting
  • Blepheroplasty of eye lids
  • Chin reduction / augmentation
  • Vitiligo ( white patch) treatment